Building Wealth Within has partnered up with Eagle Grip Promotions.  Building Wealth Within was designed to help others in their personal and business growth.  Yesterday I met with Todd Faulkner the President and CEO of Eagle Grip to ask him “Why does helping others promote their products and service means so much to you?”  and “Why not just promote your own products?”  Todd stated that he has always had a passion to helping other success.  He came up with the American Strong Tour 2012.

Todd began to explain what the American Strong Tour 2012 represented or its mission statement.  American Strong is a three-point system that is designed to bring the pride back to the country while helping those who deserve help the most. We simply with strive to Unite our fellow countrymen, businesses and organizations that are making a difference in their communities; that ultimately affects the entire nation.

American Strong is also the attitude of serving our fellow-man. Our goal is to connect with men and women, businesses and organizations to make a difference by serving.  Our goal is to be there when a major disaster happens in this great country, representing, as well as giving men, women, businesses, either an Act of God, or that they need assistance due to tragedy striking in their lives. Unemployment, hunger, and basic human needs like clothing, shoes and a place to sleep will be targeted.

Also, American Strong believes that without those brave men and women that have served both at home and abroad for our freedom, by standing in the gap and putting themselves in harm’s way, we would not be able to live in this great land, and all America owes them a debt.  One of the mission’s of American Strong is to support our troops coming home, to help the families of the soldiers fighting for our freedom, as well as being ready to assist the families of the soldiers fighting for our freedom, as well as being ready to assist the families of local police and fireman who are left behind after tragedy strikes in the line of duty.

American Strong believes that by combining with business people, entrepreneurs, and inventors, we can accomplish one of the most needed missions of our country; the creation of employment for veterans, and other Americans that want to support their families and that have been affected by economic disaster that has hit our shores.

Quite simply, American Strong’s mission is unite, serve, support, and create.  We know that accomplishing our mission will give back to the world, the model of that shining city on the hill.

Find out how your business can join in the mission of the American Strong Tour 2012 by going to http://www.astgolfshow.com.  Please feel free to leave Comments, “Like us” on Eagle Grip Promotions Facebook Page, Tweets, or Share this Link to others that will benefit in supporting that mission.

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Amy Walker



Do you have what it takes to becoming a leader? Are you working towards your goals of a leader? Leaders are not born, they are made. Let’s find out the key ingredients to developing leaders.

The First thing you must to do to becoming a leader is to visualize your success. Before I was introduced to my opportunity, I knew that I was going to start my own business. At some point of the day I would visualize it, even telling others, in turn making my dream more of a reality. I could almost taste it, if you can imagine that.

Many successful people have use the method of visualization some time during their journey. All successful people use it consciously or unconsciously, attracting the success they want into their life, by visualizing their goals as already accomplished.

Secondly, you should always be doing revenue producing activities for your business. One of the most difficult parts of business is making sure you are always limiting your activities to those that will make you money. Many times I can get side tracked easily or just trying to make it look perfect.

It’s very easy to trick yourself into thinking you are being productive when in fact you are just lost and have no plan of attack. I find myself checking email and losing focus or just looking busy when I am not sure what I should be doing.

The more revenue activities you do will increase your bottom line. Most of your time should be concentrated here and if you do this I guarantee you will make progress faster than you ever thought possible.

Lets take a look at your most important activities…

•Market or Driving Traffic

•Talking to people

The problem with the above money-making activities is that they touch on our fears. I know my fears creep in and it makes my stomach a bit unsettled but I do them because that is what it takes.

Thirdly, would be to attend masterminding events sometime during the day. This doesn’t have to take all day long, maybe an hour or less. Masterminding can include training calls, live calls, webinars, and live events. This is also a great way to keeping your business on the right course.

Fourthly, is taking some time for personal growth and development. Personal growth is a process that produces personal change and progress. It’s built within you. Personal development will happen when you make a firm decision to understand yourself, improve your awareness, work on your attitude, and believe in your potential, develop your skills, set your goals, and begin with the end in mind. Some ways may include reading books, or listening to audios.

Last by not least, is to lead by example. You start to begin to fashion yourself into the kind of person that others will follow and emulate. The Lives We Live are the Lives We Create. So do you have what it takes to be a leader?

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Amy Walker


As you grow your business, you will have people try to influence you, by saying “that you are just a dreamer” or “get your head out of the clouds”.  It is where your mindset is on whether you will fail or success.

Those that start their business have what is called a Growth mindset.  It is their ability to see things built on belief, desire, effort, and visualization.  Teaching a Growth Mindset creates motivation and productivity in the world of business, education, and also relationships.

A Growth Mindset is the passion for stretching yourself & sticking to it even when you feel like throwing in the towel.  This mindset allows people to thrive during challenging time in their lives.  Discomfort is a natural part of growth.

Why waste your time trying to prove over & over how great you are, when it is the belief that you are?  Why look for friends or partners who will just shake up your self-esteem instead of ones that will also challenge you to grow?

The only way we can make a breakthrough in our business, is to focus on creating the desire to succeed, and committing to it 100%. By doing this, you can create the success you deserve, and live the life of your dreams.

Mindset is all about focusing on the decision we make today, and bypassing most hurdles life throws at us. Most people get influenced by bad decisions and get mentally stuck because they forgot to let go of the past. How you surpass these hurdles is to create a deep desire to reach that goal no matter what happens.

Forget where you are at now, make a conscious decision on where you want to go, and you can conquer the impossible.  So my question to you is, “Will you fail or success?”

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To Your Success,

Amy Walker